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How To Get Fast, Easy, and Cheap Car Insurance as a New Driver

Now that you’ve mastered parallel parking, it’s time to master the rest of your driving life. From learning to deal with hating your license photo to finding ways to save on gas prices, first-time drivers have many things to consider. And no matter what kind of first-time driver you are, buying car insurance for the first time has a steep learning curve.

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Credit Karma: Reviews and Quotes for 2019

Way back in 2008, Credit Karma came along to offer something that no one else had before: basic, free credit monitoring. If you don’t recall, financial bloggers went berserk trying to decide if these services were part of a scam or a legit way to stay on top of personal finances. Soon, even mortgage bankers were advising customers to use Credit Karma to track their scores.

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How to Buy Car Insurance: The Official Insurify Guide

But have you ever really examined all that goes into purchasing the best car insurance at the lowest price? There are several considerations to make along the way, from types of coverage, the extent of coverage, and driver discounts.

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Productivity & Creativity

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A Poet’s Guide to Developing a Creative Practice

Creative practice is more than creative thinking. It’s daily development, self-care, and personal accountability. Deepening our practice takes time and patience. Yet, the results of a creative practice are well worth the effort. It bolsters confidence, restores resilience, supports happiness and broadens vision.

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Yes, You Can #VanLife This Summer Without Spending a Fortune

If you’re entranced by #vanlife YoutTube and Instagram, but less so by the price tag of a Sprinter, then this is for you. Overlanding does not need to be done in a luxury van, nor does it require a vehicle that you can stand up in. All that is necessary is will, some minor carpentry skills, and a little creativity.

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St. Louis: Your Overlooked Spring Break Vacation

For years, people have been writing about the rebirth of St. Louis as a destination city. I visited recently to see what’s new, and I think you need to add St. Louis to the top of your spring break destinations. It may not be a tropical island, but it’s affordable, gorgeous and there is a ton of shit going on.

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